Reset Chips on Cartridge
Refill Cartridges
Remove Excess Ink
Servicing the Cartridgest
Refilling the PGI-72 and PGI-9 Cartridges

Step 1. Reset the chips on the cartridge prior to refilling

Step 2. Place ink on the outlet pad and allow cartridge to reabsorb ink internally until it will not absorb anymore or until it reaches approximately 32.5 grams as shown in video. If you use a scale, the process is complete.

Step 3. If you did not use a scale and you have filled until the cartridges stops absorbing ink, you will need to remove excess ink. See video.

Servicing the PGI-72 PGI-9 Cartridges also to be used in first time refill if no mixing is desired with the original ink.

Normally, you can refill these cartridges many many times and no servicing will be required. However sometimes, you need to remove all the ink from a cartridge if yu refill it with the wrong ink color.
Or if a cartridge will not reaccept the volume of ink or will not reaccept ink, then either the spring mechanism is stuck or air has entered the bladder. In these cases servicing the cartridge will fix it the problem.
Always refill with the method shown as it will "test" the operation of the cartridge during refill.
Ifa cartridge is left open to dry in error multiple refills with windex and extraction will fix and restore the cartridge so that it can be refilled.
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