Using a proper refill adapter, the PGI-29 cartridge can easily be refilled with a syringe and a digital scale to confirm ink volume. Ink is simply injected into the cartridge till it is full. We stress that a proper adapter MUST be used or else there is a risk injecting ink into the incorrect chamber. We can provide such an adapter and it is inexpensive and there is no reason to not use a proper adapter.

There is  no resetter for the Canon OEM PGI-29 chips. You should NOT operate this printer without new chips at each refill.  Doing so will very rapidly fill the waste ink pad with ink and this internal part when full  is not user serviceable. You should always only use this printer with functioning chips.

In order to do so, you will need to install new aftermarket chips each time the cartridge is refilled. To allow these chips to fit properly into a Canon PGI-29 OEM cartridge, we recommend modifying the OEM cartridge by removing plastic material behind the chip area. Once this is done, chip changeouts take seconds to carry out.

Modifying the area behind the chip should be carefully done. Jose Rodriguez a well known printer enthusiast has gone to the trouble of acquiring OEM cartridges and modify them appropriately in his machine shop. He has these available available for sale.

There are aftermarket bodies and prefilled cartridges available but beware since these cartridges, while obviously not possessing the Canon highest precision moulded bodies also omit various features the original cartridges provide. One aspect is the little red light that is visible when the cartridge is inserted and recognized. The next important feature is the out of ink optical detector that is inside the real Canon cartridge. This piece of optical wizardry will help protect the printer in the event that a cartridge has physically run out ink even when the chips estimates it still might have some left. The fact that Canon has gone to the trouble of putting it there indicates that they consider it important.

Just like the Pro-100 and Pro-10 we cannot stress highly enough that original Canon cartridges are always the prime choice for refillers.

When more cartridges become available I will supply already modified, rechipped and refilled real Canon cartridges. Essentially prefilled ready to use cartridges. I estimate to have these available by Mid August 2016.