Currently there is no resetter for Pro-1 PGI-29 Chips.
You should not operate the Pro-1 without properly functioning chips.  When the printer is operated by overriding the chip when it has become empty, the printer will go about continually priming the head and use a vast amount of ink in doing so.
This ink is diverted into a waste ink absorber and this item is not user serviceable.

Always operate the printer with functional chips.  Fortunately there are aftermarket chips. These are one time use and must be changed to a new one each time the cartridge is refilled. Changeout is simple with the modified carts and takes less than a minute for each chip. A few seconds really.

I have been able to get well behaved aftermarket chips for the PGI-29. One note: Make doubly, tripley sure if there is such a word that the correct chips is mounted onto the cartridge before using it. We ship all chips with labels inside each individual bag. Do not remove the included labels and mix them up or else you will be hating yourself. So remove and handle each chip...ONE AT A TIME. This is very important. Chips are not interchangeable and not easily idetifiable as to the model/position/color.

Chips are priced individually and I have a special combination of 12 colors and include an extra Chroma Optmizer chip as experience shows that this tank will be filled the most often. So the Baker's Dozen is 12+1 = 13 chips!

Chip Color/ModelVariationQuantity
Compatible PGI-29C Cyan Chip
Compatible PGI-29M Magenta Chip
Compatible PGI-29Y Yellow Chip
Compatible PGI-29PBK PhotoBlack
Compatible PGI-29PC PhotoCyan
Compatible PGI-29PM PhotoMagenta
Compatible PGI-29R Red
Compatible PGI-29DGY Dark Gray
Compatible PGI-29CO ChromaOptimizer
Compatible PGI-29GY Gray
Compatible PGI-29MBK Matte Black
Compatible PGI-29LGY Light Gray
Baker's DozenSpecial SetQuantity
Compatible PGI-29 Baker's Dozen