High Quality Aftermarket Cartridges
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New Empty High Quality Atermarket CartridgesConditionQuantity
Set of 6 Compatibles with One Time Chips PGI280BK, CLI-281C,M,Y,BK,PB
Experienced refillers know that the best cartridges to use are Canon OEM cartridges. These provide the highest quality construction that aftermarket carts fail to match. With real Canon OEM cartridges you get the most reliable inkflow and is generally recommended. For this generation of printer, the tanks are opaque ( Black) and one is unable to see what is happening. Refilling is best done by modifying the OEM tanks and weighing and predispensing an estimated amount of ink prior to refilling.

For some users they wish to have an easier solution and the only other solution is to use aftermarket tanks with clear sides. Here the need for weighing is eliminated and one can clearly see ink levels by a visual check.

These aftermarket tanks are equipped with ONE TIME USE (OTU) chips. When these chips indicate empty, they are not reset. However like a  Canon OEM tank one will need to bypass the chip or override the chip in order to continue to use it. So let us be clear, these tanks offer the benefit of ready to use without drilling, easier refilling using ones' eyes without using a scale but they still require BYPASSING the chip or disabling ink level indication. They will initially work like a normal tank but they will NOT reset back to full.
Some vendors call these permanent chips but that is a little coy, since they retain the same functionality of an original Canon OEM chip installed on a normal tank.