Disabling the CLI-42 Chip

You must periodically refill the cartridges and always make sure that the cartridges have ink when the printer is requested to print. Printing with empty ink cartridges can ruin the printhead.
The resetter is the recommended option as disabling the chip might permanently modify the cartridge chip where its functionality cannot be restored at a later time with a resetter but does allow printing after refilling.
Disabling the chip

It will first warn about a low ink level. This is a good time to refill the cartridge.

After refilling and printing some more another screen will appear that will stop the printing function. If you are certain that the cartridge in question has ink, you can continue to print by pressing the button down for at least 5 seconds.  (The button with the orange flashing lights). The warning will disappear and the printer will continue to print.

After printing some more, you will get another interruption such as the following screen. This will be the final interruption before the chip is disabled and no more interrruptions will occur for this color. Again you press the resume (orange flashing light button ) for at least 5 seconds. The flashing light will go away and the message on the screen will also go away/
The above will occur for each color as each chip runs down. Replacing the cartridge with a new one or when the chip is reset will restore normal chip functions. Always make sure that the cartridge contains ink while printing.