All  colors used in this printer are pigment inks.   A Gloss Optimizer channel is added to equalize the differences in gloss level between dark and lighter areas. This results in a more even sheen.

Because of the way an inkjet printer works, a small quantity of color ink is still used during maintenance functions even if you print mainly text.

The products in this grouping are all compatible with Epson Stylus Photo
R2000. Due to the increasing complexity of the protection schemes, the chips are battery powered but this comes with the benefit of a resetter built into each individual chip. The resetter can be manually invoked to coordinate resets. These provide similar advatages to using the manual ARC resetter.
CYAN T159220 E2080P
MAGENTA T159320 E6115P
YELLOW T159420 E7055P
ORANGE T159920 E6150P
RED T159720 E6116P
Gloss Optimizer T159020 E0824P
MATTE BLACK T159820 E1082P