36oz Ink  Kit with  Set of  Refillable Cartridges
& Electronic Decoder Assemby
9 x 4oz Pigment ink, 9 empty refillable cartridges  , 8 Squezy Cap System ( Not Shown),  1 Priming Syringe.
Fits SureColor P800


P800 Chip situation

First, if yyour P800 is a North American model, it is safe to assume that Auto Reset chips will not work on it. As of Late 2019, it appears that that while some early batches of P800s would allow the use of these ARC chips for at least once, there are reports that this is no longer the case for newer P800s.

The situation was temporarily remedied with the use of a decoder board. These decoder boards allowed the user to reset the chips for up to 30 times. Each reset, would reset ALL the chips. These boards required some level of skill for installation so some demands were made of the user. A few months after the boards were released Epson updates rendered these boards non functional. The presumption is that these boards contained illegal copied Epson chip IDs. As a result Epson had all legal rights to render all newer machines and updated machines to not allow the use of these decoder boards. We no longer recommend the use of Decoder boards.

At this time the recommended and most reliable method of allowing aftermarket refills for Epson P800s is the use of special software ($60 USD) that would modify the programming of the printer. The modification would make the printer essentially ignore the chip on the cartridge or tanks.  Please note that we are not associated with this company but customers have reported that the software does work and were pleased with the results. The link to the store is here.


1. Chip issues are no longer an issue. No resetting is demanded of the user. As long as the printer physically has ink in the print head it will print.

Of course with any Pro these usually is a con. Here are some of the things you must watch out for. First, it is up to the user to make sure that the printer NEVER runs out of ink. Since the ink level estimator on the printer and Epson status monitor will always be incorrect, the only way to ensure that the tanks have sufficient ink is to remove them and physically check them. The most straightforward method is if you can see the ink level. For this reason and also for convenience, I recommend using aftermarket tanks that are transparent. These is NO potential for error.

The other issue you need to watch out for  is that the Maintenance Tank must also be checked periodically. You want to make sure that it always has the capacity to absorb waste ink. If it overflows, it will create a mess. So when it appears totally saturated and wet. You can either remove the absorbent material and replace it with any other absorbent material like diaper material etc. Or you can purchase another new Maintenance Tank which is not too expensive even from Epson.

Finally, we recommend the use of Squezy bottles for convenient topping up of the ink tanks whenever they are checked to determine the ink levels. Squezy bottles allow extremely convenient top ups and allow you to top off  ALL the tanks whenever the ink covers are released to check.

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Squezy Kits
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