36oz Ink  Kit with  Set of  Refillable Cartridges
& Electronic Decoder Assemby
9 x 4oz Pigment ink, 9 empty refillable cartridges  , 1 30ml syringe and refill needle, 1 Priming Syringe.
Decoder Assembly suitable for an equivalent 30 cartridge changes.

Fits SureColor P800
We are currently testing the decoder assembly to ensure compatible operation with North American firmware. Note that the installation of the decoder assembly potentially invalidates the Epson warranty. Price of the kit will be posted when testing is completed.

The installation process is simple to the experienced or someone comfortable with the careful removal and reconnection of flexible ribbon cables. Realistically, access to the cables ideally requires one possessing slender long fingers and hands. Large hands and thick fingers will have difficulty installing the cables in very cramped quarters. We do not want situations where someone removes the original cables and is unable to reinstall these or similar cables to occur so we are up front about one of the key issues. Otherwise the process is simple enough. If you require a men's glove sized medium or larger, you will have difficulty. Female hands that are sized medium is ideal. Female hands sized as large may also encounter difficulty. The slide with the hand is sized as a men's small so use that as a gauge to the clearances involved. You will need to use two or more fingers to install the ribbon cable.
There is a video on Youtube that shows the installation but that video incorrectly shows the amount of space you will encounter.  In that video, the space appears spacious. This is fake. The slide presented here correctly shows the REAL amount of clearances you will be working with. Again, we are up front about this issue.