Pro-100 Refill Kit Upgrade
At Precision Colors we are excited to tell you about our newest product

We have improved the inkset and now black and white output that is much more neutral and more linear These inks provide superior performance and are truer to the original inks.  They are also more fade-resistant than the previous inkset and thereby provide longer lasting prints.

The new inks consisting of a totally revised  magenta PC42-M2, photomagenta  PC42-PM2 and black PC42-BK2, must be used together for optimum results.  The new combination is now called the PC42R inkset. The totally new magenta inks and PhotoBlack are from a totally different source and offer properties much more resistant to clogging.

With this new combination the accuracy is so improved that simple automatic mode printing will be very very good and excellence can be reached with the use of the ICC profiles that will be soon posted. Look for the PC42R files.

Our loyal customers know we work continuously to bring you only the best. We hope that you will be as satisfied, and as excited, as we are by this newest addition to our line of print products.
We highly encourage you to immediately begin using these new inks to provide superior prints and more reliable printing than before.  We are so pleased with these improvements we really  hope you take advantage of this and start getting more astounding prints from your Pro-100. As an enticement to make this happen, we are offering the upgrade kit to you at
30% off the regular cost for a limited time until December 31, 2015.  We are sure you will be pleasantly surprised.
In order to quickly facilitate this upgrade to many our of valued customers,  we request that the upgrades be purchased by itself as we have prepared these packages specifically for this purpose alone.
Comparison 1
Click image on left to compare output that is properly printed with an ICC Profile matched to Kirkland Professional Glossy and one made with same paper with simple auto settings! Quality ICC profiles for the perfectionists will be posted as soon as they are completed.

Prices displayed are for the set of three bottles
This offer has expired on December 31, 2015.