USA & Territories Shipping

We can only ship via United States Postal Services (USPS) at this time. This means that if you know that a PO box has been issued to you by USPS, use that while filling out address field. Please remember to include any pertinent apartment and unit numbers as well.

Express Shipments: Unfortumately we cannot provide express or overnight shipments to the USA. Parcels are bulk transported to the USPS post office in Niagara Falls N.Y. and then processed there. There can sometimes be a delay between when the parcel labels are printed, loaded onto trucks  and when it arrives in the bulk shipment depot in Niagara Falls N.Y. and then processed.
Expedited shipments are normally used and First Class shipments are used for parcels less than 1 lb total.

UPS & Fedex: We cannot ship via UPS or Fedex to the United States.

CANADA Shipping

We use Canada Post exclusively for Canada.

Express Shipments: We can ship via expedited services within Canada at added cost please enquire first. We can also ship via Fedex or UPS within Canada provided the customer provides their own account number with the respective courier.


International shipments are costly and is very weight dependent. In the ensuing weeks I will have to comeup with something that can accomodate the international user. I used to have very low costs for small, low cost (<$30USD)  and light parcels but in checking my bills I realised that I was subsidizing nearly all these small shipments as international shipping costs have risen substantially. Furthermore this low cost category was simply a nightmare on my side the delivery time widely fluctuated and customers wanted to know more about their shipments and normal post does not allow tracking.

Over time, I have determined that to make international shipments cost effective, user should target kits that are 16oz in total ink weight and up to approx 40- 48 oz. First Class international shipments are limited to 4lbs total weight. Any shipments greater than that total necessitates using a different category. 16oz kits will normally ship for approximately $25USD and the 48oz kit will cost approximately $32USD. It is not economically effective to ship below these weight categories. Orders exceeding these weight boundaries (4lbs) are best shipped via another category and the next jump is approximately $60 (5lbs). At this point it is best to consider shipments in a larger flat rate box for $72USD which will accomodate more than 10lbs..  So it can be less expensive to ship via two separate packages depending on what the weight and volume is, Since some packages restrict the volume contained.

Note the international ship tables within the shopping cart only accomodated small normal post shipments not normally exceeding half a kilo and less than $30 and I discovered I was subsidizing each shipment at that.

If you are guessing it can get complicated, it can and does. International shipments consumes more than 10 times the normal processing time as compared to domestic shipments to document and predetermine the cost and filling out the customs forms etc. International shipments are not normal shipments.

If you want to expedite the shipment, simply choose the Special Arrangements as a destination for all kits not exceeding 40 ozs and the order will process as queued. Otherwise I will need to add a surcharge etc and bill directly for the difference. to what was paid at the checkout.

Allowable international shipping destinations: Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Great Britain and Northern Ireland,  Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland,  Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia,  Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Singapore , Slovak Republic, Spain, Switzerland