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USA: 818 - 488 - 5769
Canada: 416 - 637 - 6926

We ship via United States Postal Service to addresses in the United States
originating from
Niagara Falls N.Y.

For Canadian Customers we use Canada Post
Toronto, Canada

International Customers - carriers will vary depending on value, weight and destination and we do not ship to all countries. Most countries in the EU are covered.

Mailing Address:

5785 Yonge Street Unit 508
North York, Ontario
Canada M2M 4J2

Monday to Friday:  9:30 - 19:00 EDT
Saturday Sunday - Closed
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Who We Are and What We Do and What we Provide
Precision Colors is a very small inkjet ink company totally unlike any other. We focus on certain printers that we think are machines that would be of interest to certain categories on inkjet printer users. The company was founded by a mechanical engineer who enjoyed the hobby of printing photographs but did not want to pay the high prices of OEM inks. We have very high standards for what we term compatible and color matching. When we color match, we are serious about it and actually do it ourselves to an extremely high level. We do not just purchase aftermarket ink and use the term color match loosely in our listing because that is what you want to hear and see. 
We started selling inks in 2005 and our mission was to provide high performance aftermarket bulk inks to the refillers. Over the years our capabilities and our performance target had an upward trajectory culminating in our Signature Edition inkset for the Canon Pixma Pro-10 and Pro-1 at the end of 2017. We developed in house techniques and technology unique to Precision Colors that allowed us to create high performance inksets that was previously not available anywhere.  Using this technology we revisited and revised prior inksets to the point where a Signature Edition Inkset  today represents the BEST aftermarket available, bar none and providing extremely high performance. Itís a strong statement but we mean what we say. It is highly unlikely any Signature Edition inkset can be improved without returning back to OEM. It is that simple.
We provide Champagne printing performance at Beer prices. Are we better than the original? No. But we believe we provide  the next best thing that real users can afford.