ICC Profiles
First the ICC profiles here are NOT to fix color issues you might be having. This inkset after nearly two years in the making is the third and final iteration of the Pro-10 inkset. Its performance is near identical to Canon OEM inks and it tested by Jose Rodriguez ( Link Here).  These profiles will perfectly match the small nuances of the inkset to the paper specified to provide that small extra color performance for the printing perfectionist. Again it is not meant to correct color issues like what we had been used to for aftermarket inks in the past. If you are having color issues, something else is not right. Most users will be happy to use the Signature Edition inkset with the default inkset as if they were using Canon OEM ink.

Paper Type

Gloss, SemiGloss and Luster Papers are on this page (LINK)

Matte Papers and Fine Art Papers are on this page (LINK)

Matte Papers and Fine Art Papers with the MKPK ( Matte Black ink inside the PK Cartridge)

Pixma Pro-10
Signature Edition

The Pro-10 and printing on Matte Paper

The Pro-10 has a unique characteristic when printing on Matte Photo Paper. You will notice that there are two types of Black inks are loaded into the printer namely PhotoBlack and Matte Black. PhotoBlack is used to print on Gloss, SemiGloss and Luster type papers.

When Matte Photo Paper is selected in the Media Type, PhotoBlack ink is used. The result is that on most Matte Type papers we are exposed to this leads to a dull black finish as a result of extreme absoorption of the black INTO the paper. As a result, the darkest blacks are muted a bit. In order to regain the extreme Dark Black, we need to use a Fine Art setting to activate the Matte Black ink that will provide a deep rich black on matte papers.

The disadvantage of using the Fine Art Setting is that the largest print size will always be 60mm smaller than the length of the paper. On smaller sheets, a significant percentage of paper cannot be printed upon. For example you will NOT be able to put an 8x10 image on a Letter Size sheet, that is normally used. The reason for this is that printing on Fine Art Papers requires that the printer, pay more attention on how well the ink is put on the paper. The sheet must be perfectly flat and the front and rear rollers must keep the sheet perfectly flat before printing.  On larger size sheets, this does not present a large issue. DO NOTE THAT THE FINE ART SETTING IS OPTIMIZED FOR FINE ART/MATTE TYPE PAPERS AND WILL STILL PRODUCE SUPERIOR IMAGES THAN THE EFFORT TO SAVE PAPER WITH THE MKPK HACK. THIS CAN BE SEEN IN THE DELTA AS WELL AS PHYSICALLY.

There exists a solution IF you are refilling and have access to profiles that are made to remedy this situation. What must be done is to refill an empty PhotoBlack cartridge with MATTE Black ink and also use a matching ICC profile made JUST for this solution. All the ICC profiles with the MKPK in the file name is to allow this trick or hack. Ideally the user will obtain an EXTRA PhotoBlack cartridge and fill it with Matte Black ink and also LABEL it as well. With this workaround, we regain the ability to put an 8x10 Matte print on a letter size sheet. Because the front roller does not grab and keep the front of the sheet pressed down perfectly flat, before the printer starts to print, never feed paper that is curled upwards in the printer when using Matte Paper setting.