Experienced refillers know that the best cartridges to use are Canon OEM cartridges. These provide the highest quality construction that aftermarket carts totally fail to match. Only genuine Canon cartridges contains the precise mechanical springs within the cartridge to meter the ink along with the mixing SS balls within that will allow the printer to function properly by agitating the ink internally during use.

Only refurbished Canon cartridges are offered in keeping with our commitment to the highest quality products for our customers. We know Quality rewards us with the least problems and greatest reliability.

All cartridges come properly flushed of the old ink. Because of the difficulty of obtaining the orange shoes, acquiring used shoes is not an easy task. Thus, a set without orange shoes is offered along with one that comes with shoes and is priced accordingly.

If you kept the orignal shoes from the printer there is no need to acquire extra shoes as these can be used with the set without. Shoeless cartridges are shipped with sealing tape to prevent the pads from drying out.
Highest Quality
Canon OEM Cartridges
We will offer PGI-72 Carts as they become available in the future.