Dye Sublimation Ink
We are introducing  a new series of ink for Professionals and hobbyists demanding Ultra Reliable Sublimation inks. These sublimation inks represent the highest quality inks engineered for stability and clog free operation and easily easily ranks as one of the best lines made. Colors are vivid and strong sublimate very consistently. Jose Rodriguez have been using these for over a year.

The 4 color inkset are designed to integrate into ALL Epson 4 color printers. These would include the older smaller desktop units and up to the 13" 4 color machines. These include ALL the Epson Worforce Printers and C series, including the Ecotank series. These inks are NOT to be used on Canon branded printers.

You will notice that to the right, it starts with 4 colors CMYK. If you have a 6 color printer, you will then add the Light Magenta (LM) and Light Cyan (LC). If you have a 8 color machine, you will then add the Light Black ( LK) and Light Light Black (LLK).

Our offering is very simple, to start you will acquire the
required inks. Then choose the method of dispensing as we offer SQUEZY bottles that allow neat convenient dispensing into refillable cartridges or traditional syringe and needles. When using Squeeze Bottles we recommend either the 2oz SQ bottles which are soft and specially moulded for Squeeze Caps or using only the 4 oz bottle in conjunction with the HP Squeeze caps with included O-Rings.

Finally you will then acquire an
empty set of cartridges to fit into your printer. You can purchase these from us or from other sites. We only carry a limited range of empty cartridge because we focus on ink of the highest quality and do not normally focus on all desktop models.