Experienced refillers know that the best cartridges to use are Canon OEM cartridges. These provide the highest quality construction that aftermarket carts fail to match. With real Canon OEM cartridges you get the most reliable inkflow and avoid clogging and leaks that plague aftermarket cartridges. As a compromise to thi

Refurbished Canon cartridges are offered in keeping with our commitment to the highest quality products for our customers. We know Quality rewards us with the least problems and greatest reliability. These are always preferred to using compatibles. Unfortunately, as of December 2018 we are unable to acquire OEM CLI-8 any longer and are unable to supply empty bodies by themselves for resale. So we have discontinued offering refurbished CLI-8 bodies for reuse on Pro-100s.

Users will either need to learn to properly flush their yellow cartridges for reuse or as a compromise on quality use aftermarket cartridges.

We also now offer virgin aftermarket compatible cartridges that work and they also include # resettable 42 chips as well. So for those wanting a second set of cartridges these are the most economical route. Keep in mind that these compatibles have been tested for a few months and they work properly. However, they do lack features that might be of significance.
The fit and finish is certainly of a lower standard but of more significance is that they lack a proper design that prevents the sponge from drying out quickly over time. For high volume users, this is not of much significance. However for lower volume users, the sepentine airway tunnels and chambers as described in my video are not there. The other aspect is that the slotted  ink link bridge that allows more consistent ink feed into the sponge is also not present. There are also a few other features that still make the OEM Canon bodies superior. Chips from these  aftermarket cartridges do not fit onto the Canon bodies without some modifications to the Canon bodies.

Aftermarket CLI-42 clones
Not the best solution but all I can offer at this time.

Not the best choice
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