Build Your Requirements

1. To refill the Pro-1000 ink tanks conveniently and accurately, you will need to acquire the predispensed refill ink bottles. Each ink bottle contains 82 ml of ink exactly what is required. As long as you refill an EMPTY tank no scale is required. OEM ink choices are now available.

2. Choose which chips you need.

3. Acquire a High Pressure Squezy 1000 adapter combo that will allow accurate and easy refill.  Caps are not to be disposed of and can be rinsed clean under running water between colors and uses.
Pro-1000 Inkset
Pro-1000 Chip
Squezy Cap Fill 1000 Combo
ImagePrograf Pro-1000
Signature Edition

Choose Your AFTERMARKET Ink BottlesBottle SizeQuantity
PC1000SE-C Cyan
PC1000SE-M Magenta
PC1000SE-PK PhotoBlack
PC1000SE-PC PhotoCyan
PC1000SE-PM PhotoMagenta
PC1000SE-GY Gray
PC1000SE-PGY PhotoGray
PC1000SE-MBK Matte Black
NOTE OEM Ink Choices to Complete above 8 colors or below 8 OEM colorsThe following 4 inks are OEM ink that allow high performance printing
PC1000SE-CO OEM Chroma Optimizer
PC1000SE-BL OEM Blue
PC1000SE-Y OEM Yellow
The 8 following 100% OEM inks belowThese 8 OEM and above 4 OEM colors provide original no compromise performance!
NOTE OEM Ink ChoicesType
PC1000SE-OEM C Cyan
PC1000SE-OEM M Magenta
PC1000SE-OEM PBK PhotoBlack
PC1000SE-OEM PC PhotoCyan
PC1000SE-OEM PM PhotoMagenta
PC1000SE- OEM GY Gray
PC1000SE-OEM PGY PhotoGray
PC1000SE-OEM MBK Matte Black
Choose Your ChipsType
Chip Color/ModelChoose One Time Quantity
Compatible PFI-1000C Cyan Chip
Compatible PFI-1000M Magenta Chip
Compatible PFI-1000Y Yellow Chip
Compatible PFI-1000PBK PhotoBlack
Compatible PFI-1000PC PhotoCyan
Compatible PFI-1000PM PhotoMagenta
Compatible PFI-1000R Red
Compatible PFI-1000GY Gray
Compatible PFI-1000CO ChromaOptimizer
Compatible PFI-1000BL Blue
Compatible PFI-1000MBK Matte Black
Compatible PFI-1000PGY Photo Gray
Squezy PartsItemQuantity
High Pressure Squezy Cap Combo