Squezy System Components

Accessory VariationQuantity
#20 Squezy Cap System
#24 HP Squezy Cap System (O rings included)
2oz Squezy Bottle System
#24 HP Squezy Cap ( For all bulk bottles)
#20 Squezy Cap (For Small 2oz Soft Bottles)
#24 Cap O-Rings (Convert to Leakproof System HP)
Bulk Ink Transfer Spout Cap
This cap system allows fast and convenient refilling of ink cartridges. These screw onto the bottles of bulk inks and allow controlled injection or dispensing of ink into cartridges.

The system components comprise of 4 main parts namely: bottle selection, caps to fit selected bottles, needle selection and scabbards to stopper the end of the selected needles.

The color of the hub will determine the needle gauge or thickness

14 gauge tapered plastic needle: These needles allow easy, neat and accurate transfer of ink and liquid from one container to another. One can use these in refilling external CISS tanks from my bulk ink bottles, transferring ink from the large bulk bottles to the smaller 2oz Squeze bottle. These are also used for priming Epson ink cartridges and flushing Canon sponge based cartridges.

20 gauge 1" needles: These are ideally used to refill bladder type cartridges like the Canon PGI-9, PGI-7 and PGI-72 and Epson T273  and T277 cartridges. They allow precise control without too much flow resistance. These are also excellent for refilling via topfill plug methods both using either the 5/32" or 1/8" openings.

18 gauge 1 1/2" needles: With a larger cross sectional diameter, these are ideally used on top fill methods on Canon sponge cartridges using a larger 5/32" opening. These are also good on Epson refillable cartridges as well.

20 gauge 2" needles: These are ideally suited for The Durstich or German method of refilling Canon cartridges. The length is perfect to reach into the reservoir end of Canon cartridges. The diameter is small enough to minimize any potential tunneling of the sponge. Useable on refilling on other methods as well, the flow resistance on stream methods like on the PGI-9 is a little higher than necessary.

16 gauge 3 + " needles: Useable on refilling Epson refillable cartridges and Canon topfill. they also come in handy for all sorts of uses where reaching is necessary and a higher liquid volume is required.
2oz Squeze  bottle
2oz Cap System
4oz example
CAP SELECTION : There are only two sizes of caps offered. The #20 cap only fits on the 2oz Squeze bottle. The #24 caps fit onto all my other 4, 8 and 16oz. bottles.
High Pressure (HP) Caps come with O-Rings.
Squeze Cap Selection
BOTTLE SELECTION: All my bulk bottles between 2oz and 16oz are useable with #24 squezy caps. However, the 2oz bulk ink bottle excellent for safe shipments are too rigid and stiff for easy squeezing. For this reason, I have had to offer a special 2oz bottle that is pliable enough for easy use. These 2oz Squeze bottles are only offered in kits or purchased empty through the system page and use the #20 cap.
Needle Selection
SCABBARD SELECTION: Simply select the matching size if scabbard to fit the gauge size of the needle
2oz Cap System
BULK INK TRANSFER SPOUT CAP : Allows easy spill proof transfer between large bulk bottles and smaller bottles and External CISS tanks
#24 Cap O-Ring Specially Sized to O Rings that fit onto the #24 caps that absolutely postively seals the cap perfectly on all bulk ink bottles we handle. Guaranteed to be leakproof and can withstand high pressures.  4 O-Rings for $1. We recommend converting all prior #24 caps to use these 0-Rings.  ( New for 2018)
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