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UK and IRELAND are exceptions
We are temporarily stopping International Shipments because rates and features of various methods have changed drastically and will reintroduce new rate structures and policies. This is a very difficult segment when it icomes to shipping.  It is typically very costly and time consuming.
updated August, 2017
Launch Nov 1, 2017
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Product Pipeline: Completion of the superb Pro10 and Pro1 kits, introduction of the Pro-1000 kit. The P800 decoders will soon be in. Then There will be a Karbon 6  and Kool Karbon 6 for the Epson Claria 6 color printers....just for B&W fans. , Epson Ecotank inksets for 4 and 6 color machines. Reintroduction of a KLARIAH SE pigment inks for the Artisan 1430 and SP1400. Then there will be a little surprise.