Refill KitVariationQuantity
12 Bottles12 Bottles
24oz Pro-1 Inkset,
48oz Pro-1 Inkset
Pro-1 Syringes and Adapter Combo
Digital Scale
1. To refill the Pro-1 cartridges, you will need to acquire the refill inks and adapters from this page. A digital scale is recommended.

2. I have now made the OEM RED conveniently available as  a standard item. The Pro-1 can deliver high performance and this is what it should have.

2. You will need to modify the original cartridges yourself or you can purchase them already modified and equipped with chips from Jose Rodriguez. ( LINK)
Refill Syringe Pack with Adapters for Pro-1
One 30 ml syringe, one 10 ml syringe, 2 refill adapters and one long needle. These items can be washed out in water to use amongst all the 12 colors. The 30 ml syringe when extended to the max  to the physical end will exactly fill the PGI-29 cartridge in one stroke. The 10 ml is to precisely top off and remove any air in the cartridge.
Combined Set  $5

PGI-29 Refill Pack
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Battery operated Digital Scale to confirm weight and fill volume. Accurate to 0.1 gram


Digital Scale 2
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12 Bottle Set
24 oz or 48 oz Pro-1 Inkset

Each 4 oz bottle will provide 4 equivalent PGI-29 cartridge refills

12x2 oz bottles  $112 USD
12x 4 oz bottles $210

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All Pro-1 kits will now ship with high performance OEM Red

TRUE Signature Edition Performance
Pixma Pro-1
Signature Edition