ImagePrograf Pro-1000

Ink Level Warning System V2
Designed, Assembled, Tested by Precision Colors in Canada!
We developed a Sensor System to take advantage of Canon’s provided flexibility of being able to disable chips on the ImagePrograf 1000. In fact printers never really actually sense the real ink levels within the tanks but estimate to the best of its ability based on useage.
The chips are in fact useless in actually sensing empty ink conditions.  However, there is a built in circuit within the printer that indirectly knows that the external tank is empty when its internal tanks have fallen in level because the external are unable to replenish it. When this happens, then the printer indicates an ink empty condition where in fact it had previously become empty a short period prior. What the chips do is enable this circuit to work. Canon allows users to disable the chip function and this is described in their user manual
Pages 756 to 760
To disable the function for detecting the remaining ink level, press and hold the printer's Stop button for at least 5 seconds, and then release it.
Thus it is perfectly safe to operate the printer without fully functional chips BUT you will still need a chip present.
The drawback to disabling the chips is not knowing when to replenish the ink to keep the printer functioning safely. Warning that the ink level is low will no longer appear when the printer chips are disabled.
Precisions Colors has invented a REAL ink sensing system that detects when the ink level in the external tanks have reached a certain level. This system will warn the user when the external tanks have reached a similar level when Canon would have put up a LOW INK warning flag. It is precisely calibrated to detect approximately 20% of ink is remaining and will indicate via a bright WHITE light which color channel  has reached a LOW ink situation. The user then takes action and tops up the tank by adding more ink and the warning will go away automatically when this happens. This allows the user to operate the printer very economically without the need to replace chips and reset chips etc. It is exactly what we always wanted printers to do…Tell us when it needs ink…and we just replenish it and keep printing. With the newer Version 2 system, READY dim green lights will assure you that the system is being monitored and you are READY to operate the printer. As soon as the LOW ink condition is sensed the GREEN light goes OFF and the Bright WHITE light comes on warning that ink has become low.
This system is 100% COMPLETELY compatible with the printer as the printer never knows it even exists. Installation is simple and no electronic knowledge is required.  Firmware updates from Canon can be downloaded with complete confidence that it will NOT interfere with refilling whatsoever. The system using advanced electronic sensors physically detects the ink inside the tanks without intruding into the tank or electronics. There is NO estimating involved as with chips or overriding chips.
Safely convert Canon's best professional photo printer into a CHIPLESS  TANK printer
PC Low Ink Warning System V2_2
Ready Left panel
PhotoGray is LOW
Two System Boards
Plug In sensors
Door Closure Defeat
Requirements: +5VDC source such as a powered USB outlet or (preferred) USB charger. Piece of cardboard to defeat door switch. Installation is essentially peel and stick.

Since each system is hand assembled, soldered, tested and sensors individually precisely precalibrated, slight delays in shipping could occur as it is only me doing this.

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Pro-1000 Low Ink Warning System