Canon Pixma Pro-200

Be aware that there will NOT be a chip resetter available. Most likely ever.
If you have a Pro-100, and do not need to print borderless 12x12 , then there is hardly any reason for upgrading to a Pro 200. We already incorporated the color upgrade that the Pro-200 has in our inkset for the Pro-100 in the Signature Edition inks in April 2019.

The Pro-200 continues to use the identical printhead that the Pro-100 uses. So Pro-100s will have a long life even as a used machine.
If you are planning on refilling to print economically, think about getting a good used Pro-100 before getting a Pro-200.

As of April 6, 2021
The inkset for the Pro-200 is now final.
It turned out that the inkset is not identical to that of the Pro-100.  Materials are ordered and ICC support is being created.  Release date is Mid may 2021
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