You can acquire bulk inks in any combination you desire. Mix and match the colors, bottle size and quantity required. Full flexibility in ordering is provided because everybody's needs are different. All prices are in USD.
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Pixma Pro-200 Bulk Inks
V2 August 2023

Prices 2oz SQ 4oz 8oz 16oz
PC65SE2-C 7.00 11.00 21.00 40.00
PC65SE2-M 8.00 12.88 24.00 48.00
PC65SE-Y 7.00 11.00 21.00 40.00
PC65SE2-BK 7.00 11.00 21.00 40.00
PC65SE2-PC 7.00 11.00 21.00 40.00
PC65SE2-PM 7.00 11.00 21.00 40.00
PC65SE-GY 7.00 11.00 21.00 40.00
PC65SE-LGY 7.00 11.00 21.00 40.00

Ink FormulationBottle SizeQuantity
Note the above bulk inks have 5 new shades introduced in August 2023. If you purchase kits prior to August 2023. Note the changes. The inkset can now produce excellent photos without the use of ICC profiles as compared to the prior one. I mean SERIOUSLY excellent images without custom ICC profiles. These kind of results was considered near impossible years ago, with the profiles provided we are near as good as it gets for printing results with dye inks. If you are transitioning, only the Yellow, Gray and Light Gray can be reused to upgrade to the V2 introduced in 2023.